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If there’s one word to sum up the latest arrivals to our Second Floor, it’s ‘luxury’ – brands are returning to womenswear most enduring styles and making them relevant and new. How will you approach the new season?


A woman’s wardrobe is ever-evolving, and each season, our edit carries the latest must-haves and can’t-go-without classics for you to replenish yours.

The black car club

Join a League of Extraordinary Individuals and Build Your Dream Life Gain access to: daily reports covering the best opportunities in the markets and a team of exceptional individuals to help you build your dream life. Also a private digital and physical mastermind for those for high level individuals. Our members cover 6 continents and all share a love for travel, wherever you are in the world we can guarantee that you will find a fellow member to connect with. Real belonging awaits

a new life

An online community for high level woman

TheLady club

exclusive club for like-minded individuals

The black car club


Enjoy the elite life

in the middle east and across the world


Is the interview process mandatory for joining the Black Car Club?

Yes, an interview is an essential part of our onboarding process. It allows us to understand your goals, ambitions, and how you align with the values of the Black Car Club. The interview ensures that our community remains exclusive and dedicated to mutual success.

Yes, the minimum tier to join the Black Car Club is $7,000 USD. This investment ensures your commitment to the club's values and goals, allowing you to access exclusive benefits and opportunities.

The membership fee is typically a one-time payment, reflecting your commitment to the Black Car Club's mission. However, special arrangements may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our support team for personalized assistance.

The Black Car Club is an exclusive community that goes beyond the ordinary. We provide daily reports on prime market opportunities, offer a team of exceptional individuals dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams, and foster a private mastermind for those seeking real-world success. Our global membership ensures a sense of belonging and connection across six continents.

No, the Black Car Club welcomes individuals from various backgrounds and professions. Our community thrives on diversity, bringing together individuals with unique skills and perspectives. We believe in the power of collaboration and synergy across different industries.

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